Control Cash Flow.
Empower Your Brand.

Real-time cash flow insights, Streamlined financial operations, Seamless financial forecasting—all designed to supercharge your brand.

Artoh, Cash Flow Management for Business Owners

Track Cash Flow.

More insights. More confidence. Begin monitoring your cash flow seamlessly, and watch as every transaction, past and future, aligns perfectly in one view. No more sifting through scattered data; everything is right where you need it.

Clear Cash Flow Vision. Monitor. Forecast. Thrive.
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All Accounts,
One Glance.
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Cash Flow Calendar. Tap. Reveal. Understand.
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Forecast Finances.

Slash your forecasting time from hours to mere minutes. Connect your accounting software to Artoh, and you're a few simple inputs away from insightful predictions. No consultants, no financial analysts—just pure, efficient financial foresight that saves both time and money.

Seamless Forecasting. Input Minimal. Projection Maximal.
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Cash Conversion, Decoded.
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Save Time.
See the Future.

Take Control of Your Spending, All in One Place.

Artoh's Business Account and Cards offer you a unified platform to control every spend. Streamline expenses, optimize budgets, and close the books in real time, all in one place. We handle the complexities, so you don’t have to.

Spend Smart. Boost Profits. Save Time.
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Bookkeeping, Automated.
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Centralize Your Sales Channel Insights.

Time is money, and we help you save both. No more hours lost juggling multiple platforms. Connect all your sales channels and instantly view a comprehensive snapshot of your business performance. One dashboard, all your sales insights.

Unified Sales Channels. Streamlined Efficiency.
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