March 23, 2022

The Best Shopify Themes for 2022

The Best Shopify Themes for 2022

Shopify is the prime ecommerce platform for stores looking to sell online. It is currently the most popular app, with more than 1.7 million businesses using Shopify as a platform for their brands. 

When setting up an online store, one of the primary concerns is choosing a suitable Shopify theme for your business to make the most out of your Shopify store. Choosing the best Shopify theme is crucial to your brand, as it's what your customers will be navigating through to view your online products and make a purchase. 

This post will take you through all the key features in the best Shopify themes currently available and review which could be the best ones for your ecommerce store. 

What Features Are in the Best Shopify Themes?

The best themes will have some standard key features, which makes them so popular. These features make the themes appropriate for ecommerce stores across many industries and sizes. There are a number of different Shopify templates to choose from that will suit low or high-volume stores.

While the Shopify themes store has an excellent variety of themes on offer, it is not the only place that creates themes used on the ecommerce platform. So you're not limited by the themes they have available. Another subscription-based website, Envato Elements, offers a comprehensive theme store with almost 400 themes. The subscription costs $16.50 per month. It also has a seven-day free trial if you want to try it first before paying. ThemeForest is another online marketplace through the Envato market that sells high-quality Shopify themes. 

Mobile Friendly

More than half of online shopping in the US comes from a mobile device. This means it's more vital than ever that your ecommerce store is accessible to shoppers using a smartphone. There are a few considerations here that you need to make: 

  • Short load times for pages, so when users are navigating your site, they don't have to wait for the page to load. Speedy page loads will reduce the number of people abandoning their online shopping carts. 
  • Tap friendly buttons that are accessible and work on mobile devices and desktop browsers.
  • Having a responsive Shopify theme for your store is imperative so that when users are accessing your collection and browsing through your site, all buttons work as they should with no lag time.
  • Ensuring the layout is suitable for the small screen. This could involve having a minimal layout if you have a small business, so you don't need to navigate through many pages. 

Suitable for Your Brand

Shopify themes cater to different ecommerce store sectors and sizes, so the one you choose must suit your brand. Since the theme is built around the product type, it's best to do your research and ensure the one you pick is right for the industry you're breaking into. 

For example, Foodly is a paid Shopify theme on Envato Elements aimed specifically at the food industry. Kling is also on the platform but aimed at handbag and shoe ecommerce stores. These themes have considered their target market and were designed around them. 

Similarly, minimal Shopify themes are designed for small ecommerce stores. But there are also more comprehensive layouts aimed at larger brands. 

Easy to Navigate

Any theme must be simple for the user to navigate. When designing your website, you should have your target audience at the forefront of your mind. You should consider their online store capabilities and how easily even the least technologically capable people will find browsing your product pages. Your ecommerce store should be simple and clear to navigate for all users. 


Customizability is critical when selecting a Shopify theme, as you want your online store to look unique. With over a million brands using Shopify themes, it's essential to offer customized color swatches and layout options. All themes cater to this to ensure their users have distinctive online stores that suit their brand. 

SEO Focused

Ensuring your Shopify theme is SEO optimized is crucial in getting a wider reach with your target audience. Achieving this can also come down to the theme, as the HTML, speed, and metadata all affect your store's search engine rankings. It's vital to ensure you have social media integration and built-in options for sharing products on social media. Auto-generated sitemaps also help search engines find all the pages on your online store to use in their search directories. 

SEO should be considered at every level of your online store, from the theme choice to the product descriptions and information on the 'About Us' pages. 

Best Paid Shopify Themes

You can access paid Shopify themes on the Shopify theme store, Envato Elements, or ThemeForest. The options are endless for where you can find Shopify themes, but these websites are the most popular.


Wookiee is available on ThemeForest and is priced at $89. It is rated five stars for design quality and customizability and offers speedy page load times and dynamic filtering. 

There are unlimited color schemes and 16 layouts to choose from. You can also add extra widgets, create drop-down menus, and create social media integration. More than 50,000 users are using Wookiee in their online stores. 

It is a suitable theme for dropshipping Shopify stores and has a highly responsive design. Wookiee stands out from the crowd and is one of the most successful paid themes available. 


Handy is a theme available on the Shopify theme store for $180 and boasts mobile-friendly optimization. It offers a continuous scroll option which means there are no wait times for new pages to load. 

It has a simple navigation style with a multi-column menu, making it suitable for smaller ecommerce stores. 


Elise is a Shopify theme available on Envato Elements. It is a multi-concept theme suitable for any online store, from clothing to jewelry. It is highly customizable, making it ideal for small and large businesses. 

The theme offers users unlimited layout options and has a product slider allowing you to showcase your products. It comes with a retina display already integrated and is highly responsive. 

Best Free Shopify Themes

Shopify official theme store.

If you're just getting started with online selling, you might not have the money to spend on an expensive theme. Luckily, there are free Shopify themes available that still do the job. Any themes you access through the Shopify site will also automatically be updated to the latest version as part of the package.


This theme, available on the Shopify theme store for free, is considered one of the best Shopify themes for clothing. It is tailored for modern clothing stores and focuses on product images. As it's available through Shopify, it's a reliable and secure theme that focuses on the products, with a dynamic product grid.  


This Shopify theme is aimed at smaller catalogs and is easy to set up. It is a free theme available on the Shopify theme store that is fantastic for beginners to use when setting up their first ecommerce store. The interface is sleek and straightforward, with social media integration and a mobile-friendly layout. As it's on the Shopify store, any updates are also free. It offers users customization to ensure their online stores are unique and distinctive. 

It comes in three styles: vintage, modern, and fashion. 


Debut is another theme available on the Shopify theme store. It has a simple design and a wide variety of customizable options. Debut offers product filtering and shows local pickup options on the same screen as products. The theme also allows users to put a video on the home page and has a promotional banner. 

The theme is designed for smaller catalogs and has a slideshow option to showcase products. It's another excellent starting theme for beginners to Shopify who are setting up their first online store.


There are excellent paid themes and free themes available both on Shopify and other websites that will be suitable for your small business to use. However, it is worth exploring which themes will match your brand and have the features you require for your ecommerce store.

 Most themes are highly customizable to you, but you'll want to make sure they load quickly on mobile and desktop devices and suit your online store's industry. You'll also need to consider your target audience and what they will respond to the most. 

Choosing a suitable theme is crucial to setting up your online store, and there's no harm in using a free theme to start with and then moving up to a paid theme when you can afford to do so. 

There are so many options to choose from, so start exploring now, and you'll have your store set up in no time.

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