November 27, 2023

Redefining Hydration: A Journey from Plastic to Performance with Bivo's Co-Founder Carina Hamel

Navigating Innovation and Sustainability: Carina Hamel's Trailblazing Journey with Bivo


In the dynamic world of e-commerce and product innovation, it’s rare to encounter stories that combine personal experiences with revolutionary ideas. Carina Hamel, the co-founder of Bivo, offers just that. In this insightful interview, we dive into Carina's journey from a cross-country ski racer and footwear product developer to creating Bivo, a performance water bottle company born out of a desire to reduce plastic usage. Her story is not just about entrepreneurial spirit but also about addressing environmental concerns with innovative solutions.

Carina Hamel , Co-Founder at Bivo

Interview with Carina Hamel

Could you start by giving us an insight into your background and what sparked the idea for Bivo?

Carina: Absolutely. I co-founded Bivo, aiming to reduce plastic usage, inspired by personal and professional experiences. As a former cross-country ski racer and a footwear product developer, I spent a decade working in various global factories and running a product development agency. The turning point came with the birth of my child, who refused to drink from plastic bottles, leading my husband and me to question our own reliance on plastic during sports. This realization drove us to design the Bivo One, our first product, filling a significant market gap with our product development expertise.

Fascinating journey! Starting Bivo must have had its challenges, especially with the unique product concept. Can you share some of these initial hurdles?

Carina: Indeed. Our foremost challenge was engineering a metal bottle that was easy to drink from during intense activities, as metal doesn't squeeze like plastic. We developed a patented gravity flow system, making the Bivo One easy to use. It took us 18 months to perfect this technology, but the result was well worth the effort.

How did you then go about acquiring your first customers, and what strategies were pivotal in this phase?

Carina: My background in cross-country skiing was instrumental. We connected with professional cyclists and cycling ambassadors who helped spread the word. Additionally, we sponsored a bike race series, engaging with the community and collecting emails even before our product launch. This approach enabled us to build a substantial potential customer base.

As Bivo grew, how did your marketing strategies evolve?

Carina: We've been mindful of our spending, focusing on word-of-mouth and community engagement. Being the only U.S. brand offering a metal cycling water bottle created a natural draw. We also invested in event sponsorships and influencer partnerships, prioritizing community integration over aggressive sales tactics.

That's a unique approach. How do you articulate Bivo's marketing message to resonate with your audience?

Carina: Our message centers around community, product functionality, and environmental impact. We emphasize the ease of drinking from our bottles, their cleanability, and our commitment to reducing waste in the cycling industry. This community-focused approach has been key in building our brand.

Switching gears, what operational challenges have you faced, particularly in areas like cash flow and hiring?

Carina: Cash flow management has been critical. We hired a fractional CFO early on, which was invaluable in navigating financial complexities. We've had to be adaptable, securing lines of credit for inventory and forecasting as needed.

As the holiday season approaches, what strategies are you employing?

Carina: The holiday season is a busy time, with Bivo bottles being popular gifts. We double our content output but focus on storytelling rather than aggressive promotions. For instance, we share personal stories like my experiences as a female athlete to connect with our audience more meaningfully.

In light of Bivo's journey and the upcoming year-end, how do you reflect on 2023, and what are your aspirations for 2024?

Carina: Despite challenges in the cycling industry, 2023 has been a growth year for us. We expanded our sales force and have plans to double our size in 2024 while also achieving cash positivity, a significant milestone.

Lastly, what advice would you offer to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Carina: Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster. Be prepared to adapt and pivot when necessary. Connecting with other entrepreneurs can provide valuable support and perspective. Embrace the challenges, as they are part of every business's journey.

Chris: Cool. Thanks for sharing your journey and insights.

Carina: My pleasure! I'm glad to have had the opportunity to share my story and the evolution of Bivo. I hope it inspires others in their entrepreneurial ventures. Thank you for having me!

Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Problem-Solving: Carina's journey highlights how personal experiences can lead to innovative business solutions.
  • Community-Centric Approach: Bivo's success underlines the importance of building a brand around community values and environmental consciousness.
  • Strategic Growth: Carina's strategies in product development, marketing, and operational management offer valuable insights for budding entrepreneurs.
  • Adaptability: The ability to pivot and adapt to changing circumstances is crucial in the entrepreneurial journey.

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