March 14, 2022

How to Dropship on Shopify

How to Dropship on Shopify 

Shopify dropshipping stores have become increasingly popular as people realize how easy it is to set up a business following the dropshipping model on Shopify. In the summer of 2021, almost 13% of online stores on Shopify were dropshipping businesses

And this statistic is set to rise as people buy into the dropshipping model as a valid form of online business. Ecommerce entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this opportunity and choosing to start dropshipping with Shopify.

Are you wondering how to start a successful dropshipping business? This article will take you through all the tools you need to start dropshipping on Shopify.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a simple concept. You run an online store that has products for sale. When a customer orders that item from your Shopify store, you pass the information to the vendor. They ship the item to the customer and bill you for the item at wholesale price. You charge the customer and make a profit. So instead of you having physical inventory yourself, it's all done through third-party vendors and suppliers. 

One of the most successful dropshipping stores on Shopify is Meowingtons. They established in 2014, selling cat-related products, and quickly grew in popularity. Now they've expanded and no longer rely on the dropshipping business model, but starting out by dropshipping brought them their success. 

How to Set Up a Dropship Store on Shopify

Shopify is currently the most popular ecommerce platform, so if you're thinking about setting up a dropshipping store, there's no better place to go. You can create an account in just thirty minutes and use their simple online store builder. Here are the steps you'll need to take to launch your own Shopify dropshipping business and sell products online.

Create a Shopify Account and Store

Firstly, you'll need to create an account on the website. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial before you need to pay for anything, so you can set it up without inputting any credit card details. Then you'll have to pick one of their pricing plans starting at $29 per month. 

When you create your dropshipping store, you must choose a unique and distinctive store name. As Shopify will create a custom domain for you, you need to be the only one using that brand name. Shopify has a guide that will help you name your store if you're stuck. 

Select a Shopify Dropshipping App

As you are setting up a dropshipping online store, you'll need to add a supplier to the store before you are able to add products. Luckily, Shopify has plenty of options available for you to select from. 

Go to the Shopify App Store to choose the right dropshipping supplier for your online store. The dropshipping apps are their own companies, but they can be run through the Shopify platform, meaning it's simple to attach them to your online business and use them as one of your dropship vendors.

The majority of these sales channels have monthly fees attached but also offer free plans for you to get started.


Oberlo home webpage. 

Oberlo is the most popular dropshipping app available on Shopify. It integrates with the ecommerce platform and is specifically designed for Shopify users. It uses AliExpress to source products and calculates shipping and packaging, so you don't need to. There are thousands of products available across various sectors: clothing, jewelry, gadgets, home improvement, fashion, health and beauty, and more. 


Printful home webpage. 

Printful is an app primarily aimed at printing designs onto apparel, accessories, and homeware. If you're looking to set up a t-shirt printing dropshipping store, then this is the app you'll want to succeed. It also offers worldwide shipping, meaning you can tap into global markets. You won't take on any upfront costs for inventory or stock either, as you only have to pay whenever a customer orders something. 


Spocket home webpage. 

Spocket is another dropshipping app that uses AliExpress and suppliers in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Brazil. Your online store can access these markets and sell across the globe. The app also offers 30%-60% off on some products, sample orders, and the option to auto-update your inventory so you won't lose track of what you've got. It makes it easy to create an order, with the option to do so in just one click so you won't lose out on customers. Users of Spocket also have access to 24/7 online support. 

These are just a few of the most popular dropship vendors currently available on Shopify. Still, there are plenty of other dropshipping apps to browse on the ecommerce platform. 

Add Dropship Products

Once you've created a store, the next option is to add products. You can access these apps via your added sales channels and select products directly from the dropshipping app. When you're adding a product to the page, select the 'find more products to sell' option, which should take you to your sales channel. 

Adding a product from a dropshipping app will show you the supply and shipping cost, then let you select how much you wish to charge for the item. All you need to do is input the price you'd like to set, and the app does the rest for you. 

You'll still be responsible for creating product titles, descriptions, and keywords for these. You'll want to ensure you're making the content SEO-friendly so your store ranks highly on search engines. 

Choose a Theme and Set Up Pages

Next, you'll want to create the rest of your website and choose a theme. Shopify has a theme store with a host of comprehensive themes suitable for any dropshipping business. You'll want to consider how many products you're selling and ensure the themes are optimized for smaller mobile screens. 

Then all you need to do is set up the rest of your pages. You will need an 'About Us' page explaining the story behind your online dropshipping store and a 'Contact Us' page that gives customers the option to contact you. You could also set up Privacy Policy and Terms of Service pages. Shopify even has a generator to help you do this to ensure your store complies with all current regulations. 

Best Products to Dropship on Shopify

Since dropshipping is becoming so popular, it's crucial to find a niche or gap in the market. There's no point in starting an online store in an oversaturated market that already has hundreds of other dropshipping stores creating products for them. These are some of the most popular markets where you'll see the greatest success in selling products from your ecommerce store. 

It is essential to mention that even though these are popular markets right now, you should put a creative twist on your niche to ensure your dropshipping store stands out among others. 

Eco-Friendly Products

It's no secret that environmentally friendly products are on-trend right now. With eco-friendly mortar stores popping up in cities worldwide and big brands starting to sell more sustainable products, the eco-trend is here to stay. Gen Z is being called the sustainability generation, so this is a market that will only get bigger in the coming years. It's something you could be at the front of if you set up an eco dropshipping store. 

Mother and Baby Products

The market for mothers and babies is enormous. It covers maternity and baby clothes, accessories, homeware, health and beauty products, safety equipment, and toys. The opportunities are endless. It's a large market to tap into, and if you can offer something personal or unique, then the customers are there. 

Pet Supplies

Millennials and Gen Z treat their pets more like family members than any previous generation. 76% of millennials are pet owners, making this an excellent market to tap into. It could include products made for pets or personalized pictures of the pet. There are options for personalized pet keychains, cushions, blankets, or clothing. It could be an excellent way to remember a pet who has passed or celebrate a current one. Given the number of options here, there will be some gaps in the market waiting to be filled. 

These are just some of the popular markets out there, but there are plenty of others. If you've got a business idea and think it would be suitable for a dropshipping store, do some research and see what the market is like.


Setting up a dropshipping store on Shopify is a sustainable ecommerce business model that means you don't have to take on any upfront cost when creating an inventory. It's easy to see why it's so attractive to business owners just starting out. Plenty of third-party dropshipping suppliers can provide products and services for you to set up on your own Shopify dropshipping store. However, there are also many competitors, which can affect your profit margins. It's also important to consider merchandise demand when setting up your own business, you want to make sure you are offering products people want to buy.

Nevertheless, it's a simple process to set up a dropshipping Shopify store and launch your own business. There are popular markets out there, and if you've got a fantastic business idea, now is the time to do it. 

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